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About Florida Jujitsu, Inc.

Florida Jujitsu, Inc. is the vehicle to bring Olympic-quality amateur athletic Jujitsu competition to the State of Florida.  Jujitsu is an approved World Games sport, with the World Games being the third leg of the Olympic family of competition, along with the Summer Games and the Winter Games.

To gain admission to the national competition which in turn leads to international opportunities representing the United States under the Olympic umbrella requires a strong statewide organization with a full program of education and training for competitors, judges, and officials, couples with a statewide system of local and ladder tournaments.

While there are some excellent individual Jujitsu clubs and schools in the State of Florida, the absence of a highly visible and effective Jujitsu organization at the statewide level adversely impacted Florida-based competitors prior to the creation of Florida Jujitsu, Inc.

Florida Jujitsu, Inc. is the gateway to authentic national and international Jujitsu competition at the World Games and under the Olympic banner, for amateur Jujitsu competitors in the State of Florida.

This page is sponsored by Florida Jujitsu and World Martial Arts Media.


21 Responses to Florida Jujitsu

  1. Louise Flores says:

    Great blog. It is nice to finally have a State Level Jujitsu organization that is free of politics and back stabbing.

  2. Gerald Morris says:

    Thanks for the Ju-Jitsu info on this site. I found you guys from facebook.

  3. Everett Holland says:

    I just started training in the Winter Garden Jujitsu Club. It is a lot of fun.

  4. Rogelio P. says:

    You guys are the best. It was great to finally find a Jujitsu club in Orlando that still teaches the respect and discipline of the art. I wish you all the success in the world.

  5. Jack Stewart says:

    Do you guys offer a free class to try it out? I have never done Jujitsu before but have been interested for some time now.

  6. Shirley Allen says:

    I just wanted to thank Master Miller for all of his kindness and support. Finding a certified Jujitsu school with family friendly rates took some searching but I am so glad that we found your school.

  7. Weldon Schwister says:

    If you want real authentic Jujitsu this is the place for a complete system in martial ts education.

  8. Kirk Banks says:

    Excellent Ju-Jitsu instructors. Diversity of students. Wide range of classes. Great environment and facilities.

  9. Linda Davis says:

    Florida Jujitsu of Clermont rocks!!!

  10. Andres Cobb says:

    I personally recommend the children’s classes too! Very challenging and numerous benefits!

  11. Jeffrey L. says:

    Excellent Judo and Jujitsu school!!!! Just like studying in Japan.

  12. Jonathan Morgan says:

    Florida Jujitsu is a great workout with excellent instructors.

  13. Joseph T. says:

    Excellent Style! I got bored with sport Karate and decided to give Jujitsu a try. I am so glad that I made the switch. You guys are awesome!

  14. Patricia J. says:

    Florida Jujitsu is a piece of Japane right here in Orlando, Thank you Master Miller for bringing traditional Jujitsu to Orlando.

  15. Vernon says:

    Winter Garden Jujitsu has the best traditional Japanese Jujitsu and wonderful instructors and great workout!

  16. Bonnie Hughes says:

    I’m a one of the students at the Winter Garden Jujitsu club. This school has great instructors and they keep everything well organized.

  17. Lorraine Worrell says:

    It’s real Japanese Jujitsu. Real training. Real instructors. Give it a try.

  18. Mike Holman says:

    If you want to learn Jujitsu from a group of highly educated and highly motivated people then you have found the right place. I recommend them personally. Every one at the school is an important part of the most positive group of people I’ve ever had the pleasure to associate with.

  19. Jonas John says:

    Great place for ju-jitsu and martial arts classes with very nice people.

  20. Gladys Santee says:

    Wonderful instructors with authentic Jujitsu skills and a true lineage that traces back to Japan.

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